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What is Mixing? Once all of the instrument, vocal and electronic tracks have been recorded, the song is ready to be mixed. The mixing engineer sculpts the raw recordings into a clear, cohesive and powerful track. Tracks are recorded in-house, recorded elsewhere or a combination of both.

Who is Mixing? Hi Noah here. I believe that a mix begins when the song begins. Every decision after that, from the arrangement to the choice of who’s gonna play the accordion solo, becomes part of the mix, even if the artist doesn’t think about it in those terms. My job is to figure out the vibe and intention of the piece of music I am mixing, to highlight the key elements of the arrangement, and to create a powerful, compelling and dynamic mix.

Where is Mixing? Dedicated mix room. RealTraps acoustic treatment. Window connected Vocal/Guitar recording room with Rivera and Boogie guitar amps, pedals, and other neat stuff. Apollo 8 interface. JBL and Avantone Cube monitors. MacPro w/Digital Performer, Adobe CC, and too many plugins to mention. Mandatory leather couch & Himalayan salt lamp.

What’s Being Mixed? Hip Hop, Orchestral Music, Metal, Jazz, Singer/Songwriters, Tuvan Throat Singing, Torch Songs, Children’s Choirs, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 35 Movement 1, Accordian solos, Sauce...

The fine print: Rate for mixing is $80 per hour. Project pricing is available for albums and EPs. All mixes include up to two rounds of client requested revisions. Email to tell us about your project, request an estimate or set up a meeting at the studio.