Audition Videos

For musicians, actors and dancers applying to college, a top quality audition video is absolutely critical. Noah Manheimer at Enchanted Garden Productions has been specializing in audition videos for over a decade. The studio features a beautiful Baldwin grand piano with the revolutionary Earthworks PM40 microphone system, professional recording and video equipment, and stellar acoustics. We recognize that the audition process can put a great deal of pressure on the student. Our goal is to create a comfortable and focused environment where the student can deliver his or her best performance.


Q: Should the student’s teacher attend the session?
A: It is highly recommended that the teacher attend the recording session. The teacher will not only provide invaluable coaching during the session, her/his presence will help the student feel more comfortable and supported.

Q: Do we provide the accompanist or do you?
A: If you are not currently working with an accompanist, we are happy to email you a list of highly competent pianists. We recommend that you schedule a rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the studio date.

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: We will complete post production and email you a link to your video within one week of the recording session.

Q: What format will my video or audio track be delivered in?
A: Whatever the program you are applying to requires. In most cases, the online application material will require you to upload the video. If that is the case, we will deliver the video to you via Dropbox, and you will follow the application’s upload instructions. A few schools prefer an unlisted YouTube link. In those cases, if you don’t have your own channel, we are happy to host your unlisted video on our YouTube channel and send you a link. If the school has specific instructions such as duration or file size limit, please pass them along to us prior to the session so we can plan accordingly.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The studio rate is $80 per hour. Total cost is based on the duration of the studio session plus the post production (audio mixing and video editing). A typical audition video will take 1-2 hours to record and 2-3 hours of post production (3-5 hours total).

Email Noah Manheimer to schedule a session.