Young Writer’s Conference 2016: Songwriting with Noah

The Gig: Write & record a new song in just 75 minutes with a bunch of elementary school kids. Repeat. Repeat again!                 

In my experience, it can often take days or even longer to develop a new song in the studio, even for accomplished musicians. At the Young Writer's Conference in Ridgefield, CT, the challenge was to condense the songwriting process into a single one hour session, and then record two takes of the song. My three groups of diminutive songwriting newbies were up to the task!

The keys to meeting this challenge were: 

1) Sparking & tapping the raw creativity of the kids
2) Thinking like an architect with an eye on the song’s overall structure
3) Moving the songwriting momentum forward with the group
4) Rolling with new ideas and changes of direction

You can hear the songs we wrote in the playlist below. Scroll down to read the lyrics and see a picture of each group.

Study with Noah at Enchanted Garden

Noah is currently teaching guitar, songwriting and recording at Enchanted Garden Studio Two.  This summer he will be teaching with their Summer Music Immersion and Studio Vocal Workshop programs. Call 203-894-1987 ext. 0 to schedule a lesson or sign up for the summer.

Young Writer’s Conference is an annual weekend workshop for grades 3-5 that attracts over 300 students. Presenters include over 30 professionals in a variety of fields of writing including screenwriting, sports, fiction, comedy and more. 

Thanks to all of the organizers, volunteers and fellow presenters who make this event not only possible, but amazing year after year.  And, of course, thanks to the kids who inspire me with their great ideas, and boundless energy.

New Guitar

new gtr lyrics

Aggressive Happiness

Aggressive Happiness
IMG 0003

No Bummer (It’s Summer)

no bummer its summer
IMG 0004