Song Production Spring 2014: A Strong Body of Work by Extremely Talented Teens

The Mission:
Each week one member of the group brings his/her own song into the studio. In the course of 75 minutes, charts are handed out, the song is rehearsed and then recorded. Mission impossible? This group proved otherwise. Big time.

The Players:
Kyle Duke (assistant engineer, intern, guitar, vocals)
Noah Siddiqui (drums, guitar, vocals)
Maddie VanMeter (vocals)
Phoebe Satterwhite (vocals)
Audrey Elseberry (vocals)
Jaydon Bock (guitar)
Camryn Bell (vocals, piano)
Special Guest: Joel Lee (Bass)
Special Guest: Ping Xu (gong, sparkles)
Noah Manheimer: (recording, mixing, guitar, video shooting & editing, evil mastermind ;)

What we produced: *

*We also recorded a beautiful pop song by Audrey, a 10 minute psychedelic jam by Jaedon, a hypnotic cupcake gong session with Ping, and an original song by yours truly.