Totally Weightless


Part of a larger rock opera written in the recording studio by our teen songwriters, this reggae tune describes the flight of Little Timmy through the outer reaches atmosphere, eventually ending in collision with Timmy's other self. We basically arranged and recorded this song in about an hour. The microphones were set up and powered on when the teens entered the studio. They had 30 minutes to sound check and finalize the arrangement, and then they took the remaining 30 minutes to record four takes. Matt Moadel layed down a drum machine track, and Joel Lee (who is leading our Summer School of Rock) overdubbed the bass line. I then edited and mixed using some secret techniques that I learned as a monk warrior at the Shaolin Temple.

If we were able to achieve "The Little Timmies" in 8 hours of studio time, just imagine what we can do in 20 hours! Even if you have already done SPW, I guarantee your two weeks in the studio this summer will be, in a word, AWESOME. If you'd like to know more about the program, I would be more than happy to talk about it with you. Just drop me an email at or leave me a message wth Jess at Studio Two (203) 894-1987 and I will call you.

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And now… here's the penultimate chapter of The Little Timmies:

And here are all the mixes so far (1 to go):

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