The Little Timmies: Final Cut

Here it is, the final product of the spring 2013 teen Song Production Workshop. "The Little Timmies" is a rock opera about a little boy who gets whisked from his bed and thrown into a bizarre world of treadmills and octosquids. Scroll down to hear the opera (freshly shellacked by the deservedly in-demand mastering engineer Carl Saff), read the story (which sheds light on the narrative behind the songs), watch "making-of" videos, and see photos. This is The Little Timmies:

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The Little Timmies by The Broken Pen

Little Timmy is grabbed out of bed by his Uncle Jed and stuffed in a sack. He is carried deep into the wilderness on the back of Jed's red ATV and dumped into a pitch dark thicket. His eyes grow heavy, and the last thing he sees before passing out is the retreating tail lights of Jed's red ATV.

Little Timmy is woken by a clap of thunder and a downpour of cold rain. He scampers out of the thicket and follows what appears to be a path. After some time, Little Timmy finds himself facing a crossroad. One path reveals an urban skyline in the distance. The other lies amidst a teeming wilderness festooned with odd flowers and dancing with wildlife. Little Timmy can't decide which path to choose, so he divides himself into two people. Little Timmy One follows the paved path, and Little Timmy Two enters the forest. 

Little Timmy One follows the path down a series of stairways and through a long concrete neon lit tunnel. The tunnel ends with an iron ladder leading up into the waiting sunlight. His eyes adjust to the glare, and he finds himself on the sidewalk of a city made of polished stone and glass. An arrow lights up on the ground in front of him, and another in front of that one. Little Timmy One starts in the direction of the arrows. The arrows appear and then disappear faster and faster. He breaks into a run, pursuing a rapidly accelerating series of arrows. The ground beneath his feet feels strange. He looks down and realizes that he is running on a "Supa Slim 4-Eva" treadmill. He looks down further and sees that he is surrounded by thousands of other people on cardiovascular exercise machines--ellipticals, recumbent bikes, stairmasters.  Those machines appear to be cogs in a grand titanic cardiovascular exercise machine. Little Timmy One stops running, and immediately, the treadmill propels him backward into the vastness of empty space.

Meanwhile, Little Timmy Two finds himself on a wildly twisting path. Nothing is inanimate. Even the rocks and trees are alive and moving. Out of the corner of his eye Little Timmy Two notices a tree doing a cartwheel. Gradually, Timmy's path gravitates downward over mossy rocks and jagged ledges, until the trees shuffle aside to reveal a vast misty lake.

From beneath the dark water a ghostly melody unfurls with the mist.  From just below the lake's surface emerges the flickering image of a luminously pale young girl. Her gaze ensnares him and limbs go numb. He has no power to resist as his legs carry him over the rooted soil and into the lake.  As the water covers his head, he suddenly shakes off the shackles of his stupor and lunges for higher ground, but is is too late. The lake girl's eyes darken and explode outward into swirling black vortexes. The spreading blackness consumes the sky and becomes--The Octosquid! In an explosive cyclone of sand and water, the colossal mollusk lashes out with its tentacles, grabs Little Timmy Two by the feet and sweeps him into the air. For one long moment, Little Timmy Two is consumed by the gaze of the Octosquid's one bulbous, dripping eye. Suddenly, Little Timmy Two is whipped high into the air and spun around and around until he finds himself hurtling toward the sun, beyond the woods, through the clouds, and into the stratosphere. 

Little Timmy Two sails weightlessly though the air. He travels for what feels like days through the silent expanse.  In the distance, a speck emerges. It grows into a patch of darkness against the pale blue. The object grows larger and takes form at an accelerating rate. It takes a human shape. It is Little Timmy One! The two Timmies collide and everything goes black.

Little Timmy opens his eyes and finds himself lying in his backyard. The birds are chirping. It's a beautiful day. 

"Wait..." he says aloud as he ruffles his hair, "I don't have an Uncle Jed."


Ryan Carey: Guitar
Lauren Chakraborty: Bass, Cello, Piano
Max Day: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Camera
Kyle Duke (studio intern): Guitar, Vocals
Will "Helmet" Malwitz: Guitar, Drum Machine
Nicky Ryan: Percussion, Drum Machine
Maddie Van Meter: Vocals
Noah Manheimer: Fearless leading, vocals, guitar, engineering, mixing
Carl Saff: Mastering

Special Guests:
Dmitri Volkov [as Little Timmy]
Joel Lee [Bass on "Totally Weightless"]
Matt Moadel [Drum programming on "Totally Weightless"]