Teens Day 5: Good Times w/ Rad Toys

On day 5 of SPW we split into two groups. The first group went to the ensemble room to write music and lyrics for the final scene of "The Little Timmies." Max, Nick and Lauren stayed with me in the control room to record/program some Dubstep meets Yngwie influenced music for the Octosquid scene. If you are just tuning in, you can download the screenplay for our song HERE. 

We busted out our brand new Korg padKONTROL drum pad controller, a bass, a guitar and a keyboard and got to work (if you can call it that). We had already recorded haunting piano, cello, voice and guitar. We decided that the Octosquid kinda needed some electronic parts--like those octosquids in The Matrix. SO we pulled up NI Battery and plugged in the padKONTROL. Nicky let his fingers do the talkin' and kicked out a wicked beat. Max almost busted a vein in his temple as he unleashed an onslought of two-hand tapping fury. Lauren put down a bass line and an evil synth pad lickity split.

Everything was recorded through the studio's new weapon:


The RME UFX interface has replaced our MOTU 828MKiii (which is respectable piece of gear). Nut that I am, respectable was not quite good enough. I had to upgrade to DEADLY. What makes this thing killin', you ask?  The software interface and software/hardware integration are next level. The converters are really nice. The driver is reliable. The four built-in preamps actually sound excellent--clean and detailed with just a bit of sweetness. It has a very comprehensive monitoring section as well. In the words of Mr. Horse from Ren & Stimpy, "Yessir, I like it."