Sunshine Sadness

Here is the first of two songs written and recorded with the adult Song Production Workshop. Joe Taylor on lead vocal, Deena Hastings on female lead (click here to check out her album), Duncan Coker acoustic guitar, The Hobliminal Ibloid on bass, Isaac Hirt-Manheimer on djembe, and our high school intern Kyle Duke on hi hat and blazing lead guitar. 

This song was a true collaboration with tons of emails shooting back and forth between our weekly sessions containing lyrics, iphone recordings, and arrangement ideas. We began with a demo recording set to a click. We then recorded djembe/hi hat, guitar/bass, and vocals in that order. Back at the home studio I added kick drum and tambourine samples. Mixing was challenging due to the unconventional instrumentation. The key was cutting some of the djembe part which originally ran all the way through the song, and adding a combination of foundational rhythm parts (kick, subtle shaker, etc) and some quirky rhythmic ambience (echo).

Here are some photos of the group in action: