Song Production Workshop Day 1: TEENz

On Day 1 of SPW we assigned each person's role in the production team (see Assignment of Roles below). We then played a game to come up with our first song concept. Each team member chose one word from cork board pages (from either Random Descriptives, Genres, or Textures) and wrote it on the scrap of paper. Here is their list:
Folk Punk, Dynamic, Ugly, Beck, Bold

We then discussed how those words could be integrated into our song (see Song #1 Concept). 

Here's our concept: we will be writing a medium/fast Folk/Punk story song. The lyrics will take a cue from Beck in that they will be mostly non-sensical but sound cool. It will be dynamic in its contrasting sections (possibly melodic vs screaming). It will find its ugliness in a crappy guitar tone.

Next session: We bust out some microphones and throw down a ruff!!!