Being “Studio Ready” and a New Video

One of the primary goals of Song Production Workshop is to get musicians and their songs "studio ready." Noah Siddiqui had this song in his pocket and was ready to go. We gave him guitar and vocal mics [Audio Technica 4033 and Shure SM7b respectively], and ran two cameras (tripod & handheld). On the second take we had it.

I give Noah S. credit. At age 16 he already knows what it takes to deliver the goods in the studio:

  1. Learning the material and polishing the performance before setting foot in the studio
  2. Blocking out both inner and outer distractions, being in the moment, and giving 100% to the performance
  3. Working with the microphones like the musical instruments they are. In other words, really listening to how the sound is being reproduced in the headphones, and working with tone, distance from the mics, and projection.

Here’s the music video. Enjoy!

A funny moment happened at 2:25. Just as Noah is singing the lyrics “pick it up and put it down again,” our camera man accidentally knocked down one of the lights, and then picked it back up!

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