Song Production Teens: The First Two Mixes!!!

Both of these pieces are part of the teen production program's epic song cycle, "The Little Timmies." The first one, "Jungle Funk," scores the scene where Little Timmy Two takes the road to the Funk Jungle where everything is alive and funky. The kids did one hour of preproduction, basically writing and arranging the tune. The following week we set up for a full studio recording (mics on every instrument) and they recorded all at once with no overdubs. The third take was our keeper. I then brought the session to my home studio where I mixed it. Helmet got the whole thing on video. I haven't checked out the footage yet, but look for a "live" music video in the near future.

The song below, "Treadzville" describes the scene where Little Timmy One wanders down a paved path only to discover that he is actually "on a treadmill surrounded by thousands of other treadmills that make up the Grand Universal Treadmill." Ryan recorded the initial guitar rhythm, and Helmet programed the beat on the drum machine. I brought the track home, built it up and sang on it.

                     Here are some pics from the Jungle Funk recording session: