Song Production Day 3: Teens

We began the session with a reading on the screenplay we developed for our song: "The Little Timmies." {click here to read the story}. We then split off into two groups. The first group was tasked with rendering the screenplay into lyrics. Click here to read what they came up with so far.

The second group was in the studio recording piano, guitar, and vocals for the "Lady of the Lake" section. Lauren played the Baldin while Kyle recorded direct in the control room. We overdubbed Maddie in the control room.

For the nerds: Piano was recorded with stereo Shure KSM32s through the Manley Dual Mono. Guitar was running direct through the Daking Micpre1. We recorded vocals with the Audio Technica 4033 through an API clone. Lyrics were written with a Bic QRS 8000 ballpoint pen.

I was then savagely attacked by The Octosquid.