Song Production Day 1: Adults

The adult group-all amazing musicians by the way-followed the same protocol as the teens for arriving at a song concept. Each one of them chose a word from the list of song descriptives posted on the board, and we then created a context in which the words could play together. The words were: Driving, Percussive, Rootsy, Smooth, and World. Here's the context:

World Percussion:

Percussive Texture

Bass Harmonics w/ Echo



R&B/ Neo-Soul


Timbres or Instruments

Subtle Reggae feel


Driving pulse yet subtle

Embellishments in guitar

We then did a few rounds of free association to come up with some inspiration for lyrical content. We arrived at the title: "Sunshine Sadness"

Sunshine Sadness


Enough of this driving rain

Time to chase the sun again

Rambling where the sun won’t set

time for change time to forget

memories of her will fade away 

with some pink champagne and another day

Bask in the sun my lad

But then then the sunshine’s oh so sad


Sunshine sadness, love lost madness, old memories... pull me down


Here the surf beats against the rocks

Hear the ticking of the clock

Moving on all the time

Let the heat melt with the wine

I can forget her in a second

The sand is clean and the wind still beckons

I’m basking in the sun my friend

The sun is shining and the tears will end

Chorus (repeat)


The sun is shining all the time

Somewhere a story will be mine

Some day it will be mine

Some day it will be mine 


The sea gulls bring a song of sorrow 

but joy will shine on this beach tomorrow

memories dissolve beneath the waves 

They disappear in these watery caves

I’ll leave her in my yesterday

people gather in this old cafe

I’m moving on, I can forget

Rambling where the sun won’t set


Sunshine gladness, relieved madness, new fantasies... turn me round

No more sunshine sadness ……………..

Next was the form:


Start w/ percussive bed

Ebb & flow of texture and reducing to basic pulse

INTRO- Instrumental

VS- Exposition


VS- Hopeless, Desperation


INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE- Elaboration of intro

VS- Resolution


Duncan wrote this chord progression:

verse (Em/Am reggae)


bridge(E-D-A) more rock style

Joe Taylor Wrote these lyrics------------------------------------>>>>

We will begin recording the song in Day #2.