Each song is a unique animal. If you pay attention to what the song is calling for, that song will faithfully hatch into the creature encoded in its DNA.

This particular song began as lyrics scrawled on a crumpled sheet of notebook paper. At age 12, Jessica was the youngest member of our most recent Song Production Workshop. She sang the melody to the group, and together we figured out the chord progression and wrote the piano, guitar and backing vocal parts, which were all recorded along with the lead vocal a week later at the following session.

I brought the song back to my home studio where I added acoustic guitars & bass, and programmed the drums. As always, the mixing process was all about carving away parts that were not contributing to the flow of the arrangement, and enhancing parts that were.

This song hatched from a ball of paper fished out of a middle-school backpack. It was fed a nutritious diet of chords, strums and drums. Now it has sprouted wings and flown off to its new home on Youtube!

May it live there happily and get many toes tapping!

--Noah Manheimer

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