Plethora of Nothing

Right off the bat, you can tell that these teenage rockers don’t take themselves too seriously. I mean, they called themselves “Plethora of Nothing.” And yet, they are very serious about their music. Despite their outwardly goofy leanings, our three 2-hour studio sessions were extremely focused and effective.

The band asked me to help them finish “This Time” which they had bits and pieces of, but couldn’t seem to pull together. Oddly enough, it was originally a song about sandwiches! On Day 1 we pulled the lyrics together and then worked out the arrangement. On Day 2 we recorded the song. On Day 3 we shot the music video and took some photos.

The band itself is a well-balanced chemistry experiment. We have Justin who, let’s face it people, is just a RIPPING guitarist. I don’t know what his momma feeds him for breakfast, but dang. Tess is the foundation, both rhythmically, and keeping the guys in line. Kevin is—well, he’s the bass player. And Jack on vocals is a complete lunatic (in a good way).

Here’s the music video:

Here are the photos: