Howard Alden & Jack Wilkins

It is the evening of November 24th, 2013, the staff at Sarah's Wine Bar in Ridgefield, CT are setting the tables in preparation for a sold out evening of fine dining and incredible live jazz. While the dishes rattle behind me, I am setting up microphones and powering up my live recording rig. The main event is the legendary guitar duo of Howard Alden and Jack Wilkins. Both artists have toured the world and earned many accolades. Their style brings to mind Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and Les Paul, while staying playfully irreverent and innovative with lots of technical fireworks. They are truly masters of their craft.

Needless to say, this was going to be an enjoyable duo to record. Add dinner at Sarah's with my lovely wife Susi, and the evening was looking better and better. To top it all off, we were the only couple with and API Lunchbox on our table! I hope you enjoy these tracks from that memorable evening:

For the Nerds:

Howard (panned right) had a Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic on his amp. In was running through a Shadow Hills Mono Gama preamp. Howard is playing a 7-string guitar.

Jack (left) had a Shure 57 on his amp powered by an API 512c. 

There was an AKG 414 TLS in omni mode front and center to add a little room ambience to the mix.

My mobile rig consists of a Macbook Pro running Digital Performer, an RME Fireface UCX interface, a bunch of mics, and an API lunchbox (see gear page for specific preamps).