History and the Cupcake

Here is our Cupcake song [above].

photo 1

These brilliant kids and I wrote the song in just 75 minutes at the Young Writer's Conference.

photo 2

The lyrics were inspired by our surroundings; we were in a History classroom at East Ridge Middle School.

I brought the song to my talented teen students at the Song Production Workshop program. They learned, rehearsed & recorded the song in just 75 minutes. Geniuses. Much of the video including lead vocal was shot at our "Magical Cupcake Party" led by Ping Xu the following week.

el cupcake del mexico

This is "El Cupcake de Mexico."

cupcake seeds

The sweet cupcake footage seen in the video was shot at The Cake Box. Thanks Rob for letting me oggle your cupcakes with my cameras, and for creating the Yummy Mummy cupcake. And great job lip syncing the chorus!

all done

My youngest daughter Skylar after polishing off the yummy mummy cupcake that Rob made for the vid. She just demolished the thing!

History and the Cupcake


Am   /    Am

Down below the Museum of Natural History

F    /         F

    There is kept    a culinary mystery

/ C                        / C                    /  A    /        A       /

A mummified confection  of divine perfection


Legend says in Egypt they had a cupcake Deity

F   /        F

Its likeness crowned the pyramids 

         / C       /         C            /  A  /  A  /         

The people bowed down     to its effigy!


C             /                      C

Let those cupcakes rain from the sky

Am                      /   Am                      

        Sprinkled by angels up on 

 F/           F              

high Let them frost me I'll never get frost 

G /G           F      /       C        / C  /

bite May the world bathe in your cupcake light



In ancient Rome there reigned a Cakely Queen 


Her highness Caramella


Gladiators died for her


Her sweetness spread across the land like an icing umbrella


On Christmas day a boy was born and 


3 kings came a callin'

C                                                           C

They bestowed unto him three magic cupcakes on that 


day so grand and solemn




At the dawn of our great nation


George Washington crossed the Delaware


From his shoulder hung a satchel with 


something special tucked in there


A baker's dozen cupcake seeds


To grow a splendid tree


A tree called AMERICA!

      /   D / D /        A /                                     A /                             A  /                     A              /

The land of the free!  Oh say can you see!  My awesome country! U-S-A Supreme!


 F#m /                                           D                               /

The future of baking brings robotic laser technology

  A    /                                            E

To fight our wars for us and let us live gluten free

 F#m /                                           D                               /

So we can all relax in a space-age cupcake lounge

 A    /                                            E  /                 E          /

Eating modern cupcakes with synthetic milk to wash it down!

Chorus (start quiet)

A /       A

Let those cupcakes rain from the sky

F#m   /              F#m                

Sprinkled by angels up on 

D /                  D         /              

high Let them frost me, I'll never get frost 

E /               E                       D               /  D   / D  / break

bite May the world bathe in your cupcake

A /       A

Light Ooooh     cupcake

F#m   /              F#m              

Light     oh        sprinkled so 

  D /      D       /              


E /                          E                 D        /    A  //

    Let me bathe,  bathe in your cupcake light