Cynic: Wunderkind Rapper 

I met Austin Schweitzer (aka Cynic) in one of my Song Production Workshops. On Day 1, he was stone cold silent the whole time. I could get neither lyric nor beat out of this kid. He just kind of grunted. It was awkward. After class I took him aside and asked him what his deal was. Turns out he had a flash drive full of original rough draft beats in his pocket. All he was interested in was getting his beats properly mixed and recording his vocals.

So that's what we did. We poured roughly 6 or 7 hours into each song, working side by side, basically throwing the kitchen sink at each mix until it was done and ready.

I have quite a bit of respect for Austin. First of all, did I mention that he just turned 15 years old? His lyrics are deeply personal while being poetic and well crafted. His hooks are hooky. His arrangements are inventive. And perhaps most importantly, he demonstrated a solid work ethic in the making of this EP, as illuminated in the track "Work"

This track has a couple of cuss words. If you take offense to such things, please don't watch. The video was produced by Doug Martung.

Austin and I shot this one at my home studio. No cussing here.

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