Back Yard

The final installment of The Little Timmies: Back Yard.
As with the other pieces in the series, ideas were tossed around via email throughout the week, and then it was show time in the studio. 15 minutes to sound check, 20 minutes to finalize the arrangement, and about 25 minutes to record 5 takes.

The next step is to get The Little Timmies mastered. This will insure that the levels are correct, that all the songs sound good on any playback system, and will give the whole thing a final coat of pro-style shellacin'. There is also some talk of producing a series of music videos through a kickstart initiative. More on that soon...

This a message to the Song Production teens: if I have not expressed this enough yet, you seriously overachieved with the Little Timmies and did more than could have been expected in the time you were given. You will be a tough act to follow! I hope you will take pride in your work and share this video and all of the other songs we created far and wide. If you wish to draw more eyes and ears to this work, I will happily support your efforts to do so in any way I can.

Here are all of the mixes (off to be mastered soon)