A New Take on “Hello"


The amazing thing about this version of “Hello” by Adele is that it was recreated completely from the ground up by students ages 10–12!

This song & video were created as a part of a program called Music Immersion at Enchanted Garden Studios in Ridgefield, CT. The project was arranged, recorded and shot in just 7 days. Here is our step by step process:

  1. First we analyzed the original version of the song, taking notes on what happened in the arrangement and production from section to section.
  2. We then sketched out our own arrangement plan including what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to change (see our plan below - the kids called themselves “The Leaping Dolphins").
  3. Next we got to work creating a rough “demo,” which involved recording temporary piano, rhythm and vocals, and writing the string parts and vocal harmonies.
  4. With a solid demo in place, we printed charts for the young musicians and re-recorded all of the instruments and vocals.
  5. We shot the video in the studio over the course of 2 hours. Each musician performed it in just one take.
  6. I mixed the song and edited the video.

Thanks for tuning in! My 8 week workshop called “Songwriting & Recording” for middle schoolers will begin on Oct. 21, 2016 as a part of Enchanted Garden’s Music Immersion program. Call 203-894-1987 to sign up!

Arrangement plan for “Hello"

Hello plan
IMG 8297
screenshot 229
IMG 8333
screenshot 226
screenshot 228
screenshot 227