2014 in the Studio: A Retrospective

New Years is the perfect time to look back on what was accomplished last year and to think forward to the next. In that spirit, I am using this blog post to take stock of what we produced last year, and document a cross section of our projects. I hope you enjoy sampling this diverse collection of music.

It was tough to choose, but here are my favorite tracks we produced in 2014:
This playlist in dedicated to our friend & extraordinary singer Carla Mason-Ness who succumbed to cancer this year.

A few of the videos produced in 2014:

Photos from Recording Sessions & Workshops in 2014:

I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to all of my clients past and present. Thanks also goes out to my students who continue to inspire me with their brilliant ideas and growing musical ability. And lastly, thanks to everyone out there who follows my blog and facebook posts. 

Making music has always been and hopefully will always be my favorite thing to do. I thank God, karma, my family, and whatever/whomever has else has allowed me the good fortune to have spent so much time making music in 2014. Now onward to 2015!