Recording Mixing Producing/Arranging Video

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Noah Manheimer (owner/producer/engineer):
It all began at age 16 with a Tascam cassette 4-track recorder, a guitar and some time on my hands. My graduate work in Music Composition led to an interest in audio production. I built my home studio in 2000.  In 2004, my family and I built Studio Two in Ridgefield, CT, which houses a large dance studio, eight music instruction rooms, and (of course) the production studio. Since then, the studio has seen a diverse range of projects including orchestras, rock bands, music videos, and even Tuvan Throat Singers! With every passing year, we strive to refined our gear selection, sound, work flow, and overall experience for the recording artist.

Studio Features: 

  • Two spacious tracking rooms with very different sounds connected to a central control room
  • Separate post production studio
  • Respectable collection of mics, preamps, plugins and other gear
  • Beautiful Baldwin 6’3 grand piano & Earthworks PM40 Piano Mic System
  • Amp isolation
  • Three professional cameras and lighting equipment
  • Up to 20 channels of mobile recording


  • “Sometimes I Wave…” by Deena Hastings is available on CDBaby.
  • Rock band Catalina Shortwave is currently tracking their 3rd album with us.
  • New album by rapper Cynic is out!

I’m so proud of my SUMMER MUSIC IMMERSION kids. We arranged, recorded and shot this together: